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What is Thermal Insulation?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

The aim of an efficient insulating system for buildings is to guarantee it reaches the correct temperature and to prevent or reduce heat loss. This includes floors, walls and ceilings as well as the air itself. For your home to feel cosy and warm the walls of the home must be insulated with a ‘warm blanket’ of insulation. The opposite must take place in summer, ideally your want your walls to warm up as little as possible, which is achieved by insulating the external wall to create a ‘shield’.

The aim then would be to insulate your property with a system which prevents heat from flowing from internally to externally and from externally to internally. This would ensure that the property was highly efficient in all seasons and in all climates. The efficiency of a thermal insulation system is a vital component when it comes to environmental sustainability, energy savings and the level of comfort.

Advantages of external wall insulation

Around a third of heat loss is through your walls, external wall insulation, also known as EWI, is beneficial to homeowners and landlords who don't want to lose floor space by installing internal wall insulation.

Benefits of external wall insulation include:

· Lower energy consumption (methane, gas and electricity) as less energy is required to heat or cool your property. The savings on your energy bills may cover the initial cost of investment within a few years

· Reduction of harmful emissions by reducing the amount of energy wasted in every season of the year

· Cost effective energy upgrade with maximum effectiveness. Improve the performance, durability and characteristics of your property. Think of external wall insulation as an investment, not a cost

· During the colder weather, your walls stay warmer and uses the heat stored in their mass. In hot weather, the insulation prevents the walls from overheating.

· External wall insulation installation doesn’t disturb the internal areas of the building so you can carry on with day to day living

· External wall insulation doesn’t decrease your floor area as internal wall insulation does

· Reduces the risk of the formation of condensation and mold

· Increases the value of your property when selling or renting by upgrading the energy efficiency and external appearance

· Durable and sustainable intervention to increase sustainability

· Provides soundproofing properties

· Obtains maximum reaction to fire class

· Minimises water absorption

To conclude; it is evident that upgrading the energy efficiency of your external walls is a positive intervention which significantly reduces economic and environmental impact.

If you would like to learn more about the External Wall Insulation Process click here. Looking for a local insulation installer? Have a read of How to find your local external wall insulation installer.

To book your Free no obligation survey call the ESW Insulation Team on 0117 955 9337 or contact us here.

Why not have a look at the different insulation measures we offer? ESW Insulation also offer Internal Wall Insulation, Flat Roof Insulation, Loft Insulation and rendering in the South West of the UK. You may be eligible for Government Funding, more information can be found on our funding page.

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