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Flat Roof Insulation: FRI

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Most older flat roofs in the UK have little or no insulation. So, every time the heating goes on, heat and money disappear through your rooftop!

It’s found that most heat is lost through the roof; especially in a property with no insulation measures. Incorporating roof #insulation can help you #savemoney on energy bills and keep your home warmer in the winter months. With easy installation, it’s a great way to save and reduce your #carbonfootprint!

What is a warm roof deck and a cold roof deck?

A warm roof deck is the most common and most preferred type of flat roof build up in the UK and is the method we use here at #ESWInsulation.

A flat roof where the insulation sits below the waterproof membrane and above the structural deck is a warm roof deck.

Cold flat roofs are typically avoided as you’d need to install ventilation, which can prove problematic for many reasons relating to space, labour costs, etc.

Warm flat roofs do not need to be ventilated as the insulation is above the structure.


FRI involves putting in the insulating materials on top of the roof. The process starts by laying PIR boards on top of the waterproof roof membrane. Doing this protects those layers underneath from the extreme weather elements.

Once the layer of insulation is added, a versatile, high elastomeric waterproofing liquid membrane is applied on the top of the substrate; to finish the job.

The flat roof can have many uses after this, from laying a layer of gravel to adding soil and plants, creating your own personal #greenroof.

A green roof has many benefits at economic, ecological, and societal levels.

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