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Sustainability is at the forefront of the future for our business. Step by step we are planning to implement more sustainable and eco-friendly materials and methods in our work;

same application, better incentives. 

The target of Net Zero by 2050 is of huge interest to us, and we've decided to develop our business and make sustainability our passion. With the amount of eco-friendly materials readily available in this modernised industry, it's a 'no brainer' that the investment in these products will not only be an exciting new avenue for ESW but will help our local communities at large become greener. Insulation is a 'no regret option' according to the UK Energy Research Centre, as a top retrofitting option. We are certified installers with insulation and specialise in external and internal wall insulation, loft insulation and flat roof insulation.

We're over the moon to announce our new drive towards a greener future and can't wait to provide installs across the South West.

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'Almost 2.5million families in the UK live in poor housing conditions and suffer from fuel poverty. This means they are unable to maintain a reasonable temperature in their homes. The NHS spend £1.4billion each year treating people affected by poor housing'

Sanka Sivarajah, The conversation, January 15, 2021

This is just one of the eye opening statements that changed our view on construction and the materials we use. Not only do eco-friendly materials make a difference to our health but it's also changing how we produce them and understand the process of 'cradle to cradle', which improves the construction cycle and the world we live in. 

We would like to offer our eco-friendly services to anyone who is interested in making a change towards a greener future. Not to mention, our eco materials will improve your homes longevity, in terms of retrofitting needs by 20-30 years, compared to non eco retrofitting materials of 10-15 years. 

Although we plan to implement eco-friendly options across all of our business, firstly we're focusing on the installation of 'greener' insulation options. Due to the global recognition of the vast amount of energy being wasted from household elements such as heating and water; it's obvious that replacing existing homes insulation with new economical options is an important method to tackle the energy waste and work towards net-zero by 2050.

Check out our materials on our insulation page.

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